Our work for ROSE Bikes since spring 2015

We started working for ROSE Bikes in Spring 2015. They wanted us to create a freeride clip, that showcases the abilities of their soulfire bike and entertains mountainbike fans. We spent some days in the forests around Essen with Tobi Wrobel and shot the short freeride flick "Freeride Ain´t Dead" which became our first real commercial bike spot. It scored over 150.000 views in short time and was the start to a great relation to the brand from Bocholt. Check all the spots, that we´ve created since then:


SOUL FIRE 2016 - Set your soul on fire


Tobi Wrobel sets your soul on fire. We shot this spot in La Fenasosa (Spain) in Spring 2016.

Team DX Cross 2016 - Not just a single bike


One bike for everything. Simon Gegenheimer uses his Team DX Cross for his way through busy Düsseldorf aswell as the after work ride on wet winter trails.


This one gives a look behind the scenes of the E-MTB development in cooperation with Continental.

ROOT MILLER 2015 - to wander is the millers joy

XEON 2015 - Disc announcement

UNCLE JIMBO 2015 - a relative made to order

X-Lite CW 2015 - The stage is yours

DR.Z. 2015 - the flying doctor

Psycho Path 2015 - feel the thrill

Soul fire 2015 - Freeride ain´t dead