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A new movie about our friend Patrick "Bengel" Rasche. After we published part I, we realised that we should continue the diary. Last year "Bengel" rode some gnarly spots in the "Sauerland" area and told us how many fucks he gives about certain things. This year we tried to find out what inspired him to become the rider he is today. Patrick lives in a very crowded area called the „Ruhrpott“ in Germany. Even between big cities and industrial areas he finds spots to build stunts and ride steep terrain. But from time to time he needs to escape from this busy place...
This project is an homage to the glory days of freeriding and another portrait about „Bengel“ and his very own approach towards life, on and off the bike. And yes, the last hit is Robbies Roadgap from NWD 7. Exactly 10 years after we saw it in the movie…

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ODII_ (19 von 29).jpg

patrick "Bengel" Rasche (athlete)

In recent years I've been travelling and riding bikes through many places in BC. I always wanted to take a break from everyday life and have as much fun as possible on my bike. Riding trails and natural terrain to me is what it's all about. But when the El Flamingo guys came up with the idea of shooting a video in the Wild West it felt like the right time to hit some of the gnarlier spots I've found over the years.This trip was all about pushing my riding and I also had the chance to put together a quality piece as a personal keepsake.

johannes & philipp (directors)

For us filmmakersthis project was a lifetime goal too. We've both been to Canada before, but when we got back there the landscapes and nature seemed to be even more mindblowing. Bengel picked us up at Vancouver airport and it was time to hit the road. We always wanted to be part of one of 'Bengel's' highly recommended B.C. roadtrips. Now for Outlaw Diaries II, we had a good reason to make it happen. Our plan was to capture the spirit of the trip and get some gnarly bike action done. For sure we were anxious to get to the spots from the old movies Bengel often talks about. We grew up with the same movies, which kind of inspired us in what we are doing today.

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