Unofficial Course Preview

Pre start on stage one! No closed roads, no crowds, no support cars. This is how the first stage of the Tour De France 2017 looked like before the race circus came into town. Six riders on an after work ride through the streets of Düsseldorf that were crowded with thousands of spectators and bike enthusiasts five days later.

No matter if carbon racer, cross bike or brakeless fixie. There is only one rule on this ride: Cycling Unites!

The boys roll the streets next to the Rhine, where the prolog took place a few days later (01.07.17). They enjoy the last evening light on the two bridges of the course and attract attention as they ride through the famous „Kö“ area. This ride was not followed by a press conference but a beer at the local bike shop „Schicke Mütze“.

„We can´t wait to get the biggest cycling party of the year started in Düsseldorf!“

Our Job: Idea & Creation

Potos: Carlos Fernandez Laser

Riding: Benjamin Topf / Carlos Fernandez Laser / Christian Donaj ( / Julian Gerhardt / Konrad Glaeser ( / Robert Neuendorf (