a skitour with Max kroneck, neil williman & jochen mesle

We have been several times to Montafon and every time we had an eye on this particular mountain. Finally in march 2016 we found some time to give it a try and see the terrain from close. What started at 4am on frosty gravel roads turned out to be one of the best skiing days of the whole season. We definitely had the right feeling on this one because the snowy spines looked even more impressive from close than they did from down the valley. A gigantic playground for our skiers Max Kroneck, Jochen Mesle and Neil Williman. The rest of the day the three of them were busy skiing one run after another leaving the first tracks on these white slopes.

Actually we were in Montafon to shoot for the ski movie „Character on Skies“. But as a memory to this glory day in the mountains we had to release this short film „Daytrip To Paradise“ as well.

Independent Project

Our Job: Idea and Creation

Athletes: Jochen Mesle, Neil Williman & Max Kroneck

Location: Montafon, Austria